Employee  Makeup Demos

Do your Employees know:

How to up-sell makeup to go with ANY costume?

How to work with different Adhesives?

How to work with different types of blood products?

How to apply Foam & Latex Prosthetics?

Blending Tools & Techniques?

What products can be used to achieve a burned look?

Which products can or cannot be used together?

Which products should NOT come into contact with hair?



We understand that Party Store and Costume Shop Employees

may not have any experience with Makeup & Special FX application.

We can teach you & your Staff about each of the makeup lines your store carries

and how they are used. More knowledge = more sales = more profits!

$99 per Person

(Discounts available for Groups over 15)

We have traveled all over the U.S. showing quick tips & tricks for Beauty, Fantasy, FX & Halloween makeup to :


Customer Makeup Demos

With over 40 Halloweens under our belt, we’ve found

that nothing draws a crowd like Makeup Demos


Boost your Makeup Sales this year!


Your customers can watch and learn as we do an In-Store Demo

with product available at your store!


$50 per Hour